With the recession still in full swing and everyone losing their jobs (including me), I thought I'd throw in a parody on it. Let's use "Yesterday" by the Beatles

All my paychecks were so fat with pay
Now the layoff has made them go away
Oh, I was rich just yesterday

They want to pay me half of what I used to see
Much less benefit to offer me
Oh, yesterday came suddenly

Why they
Got so cheap without losing sleep, I cannot say
I did,
Something wrong, wouldn’t play along yesterday

Looking busy was such an easy game to play
Now there’s no excuse to hide away
Oh, I believe in yesterday

Why they
Sold me out, without a doubt I cannot say
I knew
Just like you, I’d get the screw, yesterday

All my stuff was paid without delay
Now they’re all sitting in layaway
Oh, I believe, in yesterday