The Fly of the Tiger

With the big scandal going on concerning Tiger Woods and his numerous women, I thought I'd drive this parody home. Let's use "Eye of the Tiger" by Survivor...

Risin’ up, out of the sheets
Did my time, took her virginity
Went the distance, now I’m back on the green
Another conquered, I feel so alive

What the hell? How did this leak come about?
I only slept with a couple of hundred
Wrecked the car and my sponsors are pulling out
I need those endorsement dollars to survive

Unzip the fly of the Tiger, enjoy the cream of the night
Rising up with your illegitimate desires
And my last was a star of a mud wrestling fight
As she went for the fly of the Tiger

Wife at home, I’m out in the night
Hanging hard with the numbers I got
Rendezvous on a road trip feels right
When my Johnson is calling the shots

Unzip the fly of the Tiger, while you scream in the night
Rising up as high as my divorce cost requires
And the last of my sponsors is in flight
Running away from the public eye of the Tiger

Because of the fly of Tiger….