Year of the Rat

Another new year and it's time to contemplate the state of affairs in the USA with a good song parody. Let's go with Al Stewart's "Year of the Cat" for this one.

On a morning from a Hell Raiser movie
In a country with a Health Care debate
You are waiting in the Urgent Care facility
Contemplating a 4 hour wait

She comes out of the sun in a ‘green’ sustainable fabric on
Like an iceberg melting in the global warming rain
Don’t bother asking for explanations
She’ll just tell you that we’re living again
In the year of the rat

She doesn’t give you time for questions
Interviews are just made up words now-a-days
And you follow her behind the paparazzi
As they go into a craze

By the foreclosured home where the new homeless roam
There’s a development she leads you to
These days, she says, there’s no money to finish
As the market bottom fell through
In the year of the rat

Well she shows you pictures of her adopted son Zahara
That she picked up from the shelter in Zaire
He was wondering alone in the Sahara
Thank God at least the celebrities care
In the year of the rat

Then the morning comes and you’re still with her
And the bus with the illegal immigrants is gone
And gas is too expensive to fill your Hummer
So you have to stay on