Britney Hillbilly Song

More breaking news. Britney Spears has lost custody of her kids to Federline. You could see it coming for sure. So in honor of this "duh" moment, I'm choosing The Beverly Hillbillies theme song:

Come listen to a story about a gal named Brit
A young pop singer, had looks but little wit
Then one day her music it went gold
And ever since then a tragedy has unfold

DUIs that is, arrest, embarrassment

Well the first thing she did is marry on a whim
Pop out some kids, and proceed to divorce him
Partying and drinking while her kids are God knows where
Losing touch, porking out, and shaving all her hair

Abuse that is. Substance, child

Well now its time to say goodbye to both of her own kids
The judge took them away and over to Federline he did
He might not be as famous but at least he’s not insane
And that’s where they’ll stay until she can abstain

Drugs that is. Partying, neglect