Hot Tubbing

How can one help but not be pissed off hearing about AIG executives being bailed out by the Government (meaning us) and then going out to an exclusive spa retreat and spending a half a million. Let’s use Foreigner’s “Hot Blooded” for this one:

Well, I’m hot tubbing, check it and see
The government has given money to me
Come on baby let’s go buy a mud bath
Then go hot tubbing, hot tubbing

You don’t have to read our mind to know what we had in mind
We were all stressed out from the lack of dough
But this spa is so fine, we can spend lots of time
Figuring out how to come back with nothing to show

Now it’s up to me, to consume like its free
Just me an my execs will relax in water up to our necks

That’s why we’re hot tubbing, check it and see
The waters bubbling at a 103
Come on government can we get another advance
To stay hot tubbing, hot tubbing

This certainly feels alright let’s all stay another night
Let the government pay the fee
Order more wine, make it mighty rare wine
Tell me is this tub hot momma? It sure looks that way to me

Is the timing right, to all get an extra rub down tonight?
Can I write this off my taxes as a stress remedy that relaxes?

That’s why I’m hot tubbing, check it and see
All we learned from this was how to party
Come on guys lets play poker all night
Then go hot tubbing, hot tubbing