Hey You

Let's do another parody on the state of the economy and in particular President Bush. Let's go with a darker song this time. How about "Hey You" by Pink Floyd.

Hey you, out there in your car
Having to commute so very far
Can you feel him?
Hey you, with the son that’s in the war
And soldiers dying more and more
Can you feel him?
Hey you, don’t help them think its right
He won’t pull out; he wants to fight

Hey you, out there on your own
Besieged with telemarketers on the phone
Do you still support him?
Hey you, with that house you can’t afford
And the job where you are bored
Would you support him?
Hey you, would you help him to lock down the borders?
Even if you disagreed but got his orders.

But it is only reality
His politics didn’t set them free
Why couldn’t he see
No matter how he tried
It just could not be
But he stood his ground stubbornly

Hey you, with the economy dropping down
Foreclosures all around
Will you pardon me?
Hey you, facing a debt that goes unchecked
A global image completely wrecked
Will you pardon me?
Hey you, we’ll be changing it this fall

Our vote will be heard, but change nothing at all