Hey There, Georgie Bush

Boy, it's time for a George Bush parody. He's been dumping on the country for so long now... it's time to dump back. Let's go with "Georgie Girl" by the Seekers for this one.

Hey there Georgie Bush,
There’s just another year for you to ruin
Everybody knows the damage your doin’
You can’t play the blame game now


Hey there Georgie Bush
Why is the economy not bouncing back?
Could it be the war in Iraq?
Or how you ran up the national debt?

You’re always pointing the finger
But troubles still linger around
Your stupidity is clearly profound

No surprise

Hey there Georgie Bush
Try and convince us how you feel
Outline for change with nothing real
We’ve seen it before

The housing market mess
we should stress is a wreck
So let’s fix it with a one time rebate check

Dumb move there
Georgie Bush
Wake up Georgie Bush