Goodbye, Merrill Lynch

Oh my, with all the businesses going bankrupt and all the bailouts and all the stock market plummets I think it’s time for a parody on the whole parade. Let’s use “Ruby Tuesday” by the Rolling Stones:

Goodbye, Merrill Lynch
Guess you’re not so bullish now
You thought investing was a synch
But BofA sure showed you how

Goodbye, Lehmen Brothers
So much for those housing loans
Thanks to you we don’t trust the others
Just a bunch of get rich quick clones

Goodbye, Fannie Mae
Oh and also Freddie Mac
“No wait” so did the Government say
We’ll make the taxpayers bring you back

Goodbye, AIG Insurance
75 billion needed in just one day
Oh wait, it’s taxpayers that need endurance

Because once again its us that will pay