Downtown - The Housing Market version

Hey you know this housing market is bad. What a ridiculous story. And one that warrants a song parody. We'll use "Downtown" by Petula Clark.

When you’re alone and your home is in foreclosure
You can always live

When the balloon payment is way more
than all you can give
Go downtown

Just watch as all your neighborhood is suddenly for sale
Realtors all lined up looking for the holy grail
But no buyers around.
The mortgage loaners are much wiser now
Big down payment of cash is all they allow
So head downtown – all of your equity is gone
Downtown – your just an investor pawn
Downtown – all of your cash is withdrawn

Downtown, Downtown

Don’t hang around hoping for a housing rebound
There’s always a cardboard home waiting

Just listen to the government worried about recession
Let’s give the idiots a bailout card to teach them all a lesson
Yes, we all lose. Taxes will be higher soon
Retail prices rising to the moon
All the while your living downtown….downtown.